Month: July 2022

Dental Consultant & Speaker

Top 4 Ways To Boost Case Acceptance In Dental Practices | Dental Consultant Texas

Treatment acceptance can be a sensitive subject for many dentists. You do not want to come across as pushy or salesy, especially for a health-related service. However, you can improve your case acceptance rate by simply rethinking the way you talk to your patients about recommended treatments.  Explain and Educate Patient education is vital to […]

Dental Consultant & Speaker

Increase Marketing Investment to Boost Revenue | Dallas Dental Consultant

Every business experiences trends of increasing and decreasing revenues, and dental practices are no different. When new business slows and income begins to stagnate, many practice owners react by cutting back on budget items they think are most expendable. One of those is marketing.  This is almost always a mistake. When you cut your marketing […]