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In-office Workshops

How can YOU participate in the PPO environment and be profitable? Are you worried it will compromise patient care?

Dana Moss, founder of PPO Dental Consulting, trains today’s highly effective and lucrative practices how to implement and measure progress within four core business systems. Her clients report increased patient retention and case acceptance, lowered accounts receivable and speedy insurance claims payment. Contact Dana to learn how you can implement these proven systems and achieve similar results in your organization.

Choose from These Hot Topics to Customize Training for Your Practice:

Recare System

Patient Retention is foundational – shut the back door!

Accounts Receivable System

Achieving 100% collection percentage… or better!

Delayed Treatment and Case Acceptance

Drastically improve case acceptance. Get treatment out of the chart and onto the schedule!

Insurance System

Conquer the Insurance Maze to ensure prompt insurance.

Dana’s clients are finding success with advanced training in the following areas:

Insurance System

  • Determine which insurance plans are the best fit for your practice
  • Adjusting techniques that keep money in the bank… and patients appreciate!
  • New patient phone calls that build relationships while getting the details
  • Questions to ask the insurance company prior to patient appointment
  • Reports to run – and when – to ensure prompt insurance payment

Recare system

  • To pre-appoint… or not?
  • Strategies to discourage cancellations/no shows and keep your schedule together!
  • Block scheduling that ensures timely appointments for new hygiene patients
  • Communication mediums to use (phone, email and snail mail)
  • Reports to run – and when – to ensure a full hygiene schedule

Accounts Receivable/Patient Responsible

  • Achieving 100% collection percentage… or better!
  • Eliminating 90 day past due accounts
  • What to do with delinquent accounts… it’s not a collection agency
  • When to run statements and effective prompts for timely payment
  • Reports to run – and when – to ensure a healthy accounts receivable

Treatment Planning and Case Acceptance

  • Drastically improve case acceptance by utilizing four technological tools
  • Understanding why patients deny treatment and appropriate follow up
  • Ensuring that patient financial estimates are accurate
  • Importance of specialist referral follow up
  • Reports to run – and when – to ensure a full schedule for the dentist
  • Negotiating Insurance Allowables
  • Learn the three-step process for achieving top dollar reimbursements
  • Learn how to determine which insurance companies would be the best to pursue and negotiate with
  • Understand what fee balancing is, how to do it and why it is critical to the negotiation process
  • Define the emotional verbal skills that can bring the results you desire
  • Dispel three myths about the characteristics of a negotiator

Hourly Consulting

Looking for answers to your PPO practice related questions, but don’t require an in-house training program?

Dana on Demand

Hourly Phone or Skype Consulting

Receive answers for your questions relating to:

Recare System

  • Insurance System
  • Accounts Receivable/Patient Responsible System
  • Treatment Planning and Case Acceptance System
  • … and much more!