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All Inclusive Remote Insurance Support

Benefits of Outsourcing Insurance Verification

  • Eliminate the time and stress it takes to find and train a new team member
  • Stop the burden placed on other team members when the insurance coordinator is out sick or on vacation
  • Reduce office payroll liability, unemployment tax liability, holiday/vacation pay, and employee insurance benefits

Why Choose PPO Dental Consulting?

  • We enter benefit information directly into your software creating easy and accurate treatment plan estimates.
  • Weekly call with your office’s dedicated team member to go over any questions or concerns.
  • No additional fee for same-day verification requests
  • Complete verification for every patient at the first visit of their plan year; eligibility, history, and usage at every follow-up visit.
  • Minimal space needed for our equipment; a full workstation is not necessary.
  • All necessary equipment will be HIPAA compliant, pre-configured, and shipped directly to you. Your office IT personnel will only need to connect it to your network.
  • Each of our team members are required to complete insurance training, annual HIPAA compliance training, and background checks.
  • No contract, you may discontinue our services at any time. We do ask for the courtesy of 15 days' written notice.

What is Included

  • Team member dedicated to your practice
  • Verifications up to 2 days in advance, scanned and added directly into your practice management software
  • Same day verifications at no additional cost (2-hour notice required)
  • Detailed breakdown including (at no additional cost):
    • Eligibility
    • Remaining benefits and deductible information
    • Plan specific provisions, frequencies, limitations, waiting periods, payment level, downgrades, replacement clauses, and history
  • Customized verification form based on your most-used codes from the last six months (we will re-check this every six months)
  • Cheatsheet of all information to obtain from patients to ensure we can verify benefits. If we are unable to obtain benefits due to incorrect or incomplete patient information there will be an additional fee to re-attempt verification.
  • Daily claim submission
  • Daily payment posting with daily posting reports
  • Claims management

Additional Information