Many dental practices struggle with too much open time on the schedule, accounts receivable that are not in the bank, and patients walking out the door without scheduling future treatment. When front office systems are not in place, the office can feel out of control and unorganized.

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We offer several different solutions to address difficulties that arise in your practice and also answer your questions. We’d love to share our expertise with you.
I coach teams how to implement and measure progress within the four core business systems. My clients report increased patient retention and case acceptance, lowered accounts receivable and speedy insurance claims payment.” - Dana Moss

What Our Clients Are Saying

Dana’s Expertise is Unrivaled!

Dana is wonderful to work with, and exceptionally knowledgeable, especially in PPO. She was able to hone in on where we needed assistance and helped us get where we wanted to be. I highly recommend Dana for every dental practice – her expertise is key!

- Dr. Michael Smith

You Know Your Stuff!

I loved your solid opening and that you offered ‘what if’ possibilities and powerful examples related to topic. You know your stuff!

- Anthony Stefanou, DMD