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Dallas Dental Consultant

Have you found that your office has a cobweb of insurance plans? A cobweb refers to a chaotic mess of being in network with too many plans. Some offices, when they start up tend to join every network possible to maximize the initial influx of patients. They often find out quickly they joined too many networks and are writing off more than expected. Many plans overlap when third party administrators (TPA)/ umbrella plans are involved. An example of this, Zelis (TPA) will umbrella most Humana policies. We help dental practices participate and thrive in this competitive market. We will create a customized plan of action based on your patients and your practice. PPO Dental Consulting makes it simple and easy to understand your options of participation. Our goal is to have your office in network with a manageable number of fee schedules, reducing your adjustments and confusion. Our Plan Re-alignment services start at $4,900 depending on the size of your project.

What We Do

  • Assess number of active patients and the plans they are in
  • Evaluate your top used codes to determine the best participation options
  • Untangle the cobweb
  • Customize spreadsheet to compare all plan reimbursements
  • Create custom letters that will be sent to patients
  • Create custom letters to send to insurance companies
  • Optional in-office coaching for the front office team, to ensure the least amount of patient attrition

Why Us

Since 2011 PPO Dental Consulting has been offering insurance negotiations, creating strategic plans re-alignments, and providing insurance consulting services. We are passionate about helping offices make the most out of their participation


Dana’s Expertise is Unrivaled!

“Dana is wonderful to work with, and exceptionally knowledgeable, especially in PPO. She was able to hone in on where we needed assistance and helped us get where we wanted to be. I highly recommend Dana for every dental practice – her expertise is key!”

Dr. Michael Smith